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You Can Change Your Life In 366 Days

A decision was made to see what one person can accomplish in a year with the help of others. It took eight months for the full intent to be clearly defined and it was apparent that the plan needed to be called out very clearly and explained how one “GREAT IDEA” can be the seed that defines the rest of a persons life.

The three distinct topics this website and book are covering are numbered below. They are all inner-linked. They must be worked on simultaneously and most importantly not one of them can be accomplished alone.


1. Growing A Digital Family Tree

2. Idea To Launch In 366 Days

3. Mindfulness and Inspiration

The Digital Family Tree Defined: The seed and surrounding soil of the tree are the persons past. The roots of the tree are a persons blood related family. The trunk of the tree is the person. The branches of the tree are the people the person connects with through digital and social platforms. The leaves of the tree are the offspring of the digitally connected people.

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You have an idea you want to see in action?


You want to make it happen as an end goal or launch stage?


We are here to help you get to the starting line and see your idea through.

4 Easy Steps To Success In 366 Days
The process is quite simple

1.) We discuss your idea

We meet with you to discover and discuss exactly what shape your idea takes. Through this discussion, we evaluate your:

  • Ability
  • Drive and where it comes from
  • Threshold for your idea’s success

2.) Together we create an open idea cloud

Together we decide if your idea gets the green light to launch.  We work to plan the next action steps.  It’s important this stage starts together, however, it’s expected that you carry the torch once the plan is in action.

3.) With the goal in mind we create a timeline of 366 days

We are almost there for implementation.  Through this stage, there is great discovery.  Some research questions include:

Are there opportunities for the adjacent possible?

Are you ready?

Do you have the team to make it happen?

ideas take flight

4.) Let the journey begin

Your idea has a new shape. It’s now a vision.

A plan is in action.

The timeline is set.

You are ready to launch.

Let the journey begin.

Through this stage your idea will mold and take several evolutions of concept. This stage will test your every being, but if you’ve got what it takes to turn your idea into a success, we will see it through together.

It Always Helps To Educate Yourself

  • Research your idea through books, technology and the internet
  • Find out if there are others that have succeeded with your idea before. Or, is your idea original?
  • Discover your inner genius
  • Understand that you can do this

Small List Of Books That I Found To Be Fruitful:

  • The Minding Organization By Moshe F. Rubinstein and Iris R. Firstenberg
  • The Art Of Living By Wilferd A. Peterson
  • How We Got To Now By Steven Johnson
  • A Curious Mind By Brian Grazer
  • The 4-Hour Workweek By Timothy Ferris

For The Full List Of Books Check Out http://www.kevenhempel.com

Links From The Journey

In the spirit of full disclosure, Please know I am an ambassador for BeSomebody.com. Plus, I included additional sites as well which I find interesting and helpful to those searching for something outside the box. 

Digital Media

For a more in-depth experience check out the videos below on the Adventures of a Social Platform Knowledge Worker

About Keven Hempel

Keven is a father, husband, technology hobbyist, knowledge worker, passion leader and author. As the Founder of Idea To Launch In 366 Days, True North Services, Inc. and Co-Founder for the HOS Business Center, He has built trusting and long-standing relationships with his clients and community.

His passions consist of researching mindfulness and the emotional connection with future product development, social platforms and how technology is to be used in the ever-changing world with a strong emphasis in education. He believes knowledge, wisdom and empowerment is the roadmap to our children’s best possible future.  If you’d like to connect with Keven and become part of his digital family tree search:

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